If it hasn't been your day/week/month/year, we've got Blues and Greys to keep you company. Quietly care for your soul and your skin with this gentle soap bar.


Coloured with alkanet root powder, traditionally used topically for the treatment of wounds. Contains bentonite clay to clarify skin and calm inflamed breakouts.


Scented with a classic pairing of lavender and geranium essential oils to ease anxiety, but with a splash of lemon to awaken your tired spirit.



- extra virgin olive oil

- coconut oil

- sunflower oil

- grapeseed oil

- jojoba oil

- distilled water

- sodium hydroxide

- bentonite clay

- alkanet root powder

- indigo root powder

- lavender essential oil

- geranium essential oil

- lemon essential oil

- poppy seeds

Blues and Greys

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