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Hello, I'm Sarah! Thanks for stopping by milk + mischief, our small batch soapery here in Sydney, Australia. 

Why did we open a little soap shop? Well, a few years ago, I fell in love with an Aussie bloke who has extra sensitive skin. I started creating soap from scratch, knowing that all the ingredients I use are nourishing and do not cause irritation. Happily, it cured my dry skin, too! Our handmade soap bars are all we use now, and we keep tweaking the recipe to make shower time even more luxurious. All-natural soapmaking has become a passion and we make new soap every weekend, so there's plenty to share with you!


All our soaps are made of 100% vegetable oils. We do not use animal fat and have also stopped using palm oil. The current bars in the shop contain at least 40% olive oil, and you will definitely notice the difference on your skin. For our milk soaps, we use coconut milk and not dairy milk. We also stick with the traditional cold process method, allowing soap to naturally cure for four to six weeks. All bars are wrapped with beautiful origami paper.

We get quite excited discovering new scent blends and soap designs, so follow the shop on Instagram and Facebook for updates on product releases. You'll occasionally see our supervisor/pet cat Obi, too! 

Thank you again for visiting! 



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